Gabriella Bozsár PhD

I’m an engineer – I like logical thinking, viewing everything in a system, analysing, and keeping both feet on the ground. But I’m also a project manager – I can plan for the long run, think about tomorrow’s to-dos, daydream and keep deadlines simultaneously: in other words, turning them into goals. Plan and do step by step what I got to do, solve problems and achieve results.

Everybody envied me for working at an elite place, where it was hard to get admitted, but I was bored. I switched my job, and it was worth it: it turned out that I am meant for something completely different! I learned that no matter what is great in other’s eyes, the important thing is my well-being.

I’m grateful that I could experience workflow for such a long time– I was one with my work, my team, and my goals. When I was promoted to manager I worked till my bones ached, and I quickly realized becoming a manager requires a lot of learning and an immense inner fight. I fought for the values I believed in, sometimes I could make believe in my values, and sometimes not. That was necessary, too, because I’ve learned that what I want isn’t always good for everybody else. Another important lesson learned is that I can only feel good about myself, if I believe what we’re working for is valuable, and if I’m surrounded by good intent, honesty and willingness. It took me quite a while to figure out, that work is not life itself, there is so much more to discover. Come to know new things: solidify and build them into your life, and sort those out you don’t need. Although it hurts, change is needed. Subsequently, I know this was that certain burnout, the midlife-crisis or whatever we call it. I’ve learned that this is good! You can be born again. I also realized: that doesn’t work without making sacrifices. Studying all night long and on weekends, building a new life, transcending myself, exceed my limits and ditch my beliefs restricting me.

I’m a trainer. Being together, taking part with entire devotion and activity in a training team – that is the right state of mind for me. Topics I’m proficient in: self-knowledge, communication, conflict resolution, start of one’s career – integration, becoming a manager, human factors of project management.

I’m a coach. Being together with the client, having a nice conversation, focusing only on him/her, being present with body and soul, sensing what is behind the words: that is just like me. Perhaps we are starting with problems concerning work, but it soon turns out, that a whole person is sitting in front of me. Situations where I can be the best support: newly promoted managers, female managers, project managers, burnouts, course correction. Project coaching, that is being the attendant and the leader of the team, throughout the whole project

Astrology is another gift from life to me: it is science and art at the same time, a magnificent system, which helps me getting to know myself and other people. I face many examples of hard lives, problems, and all the opportunities beyond them. Expanding and perceiving it is one of the greatest challenges: it helps our clients, me, as the coach to understand how and why certain things are and in what direction to move forward.

What I can offer is my personality – that is myself, my attention, experience, and of course my methodological knowledge, which I look at as a very important factor as well.


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I’m an engineer – I like logical thinking, viewing everything in a system, analysing, and keeping both feet on the ground. But I’m also ...
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